Call for papers

Abstracts Submission deadline:

25th April 2022

  1. Smart Cities in Post Covid-19 Society
  2. KPI Indices for Smart Cities
  3. Platform for Share Economy, and Its Planning, Designing and Management
  4. Data Sharing and Privacy Protection
  5. Smart finance
  6. Start-ups and Business Ecosystems
  7. Social Capitals and Societal Governance
  8. Infrastructure in the Post-Urban Society
  9. Digital Transformation for Social and Economic Innovation
  10. Voluntarism, Partnership, and Local Engagement
  11. Tourism and Local Development
  12. Social and Economic Innovation in Rural Areas
  13. Climate Changes’ Threats and Opportunities for the Countryside
  14. Urban-Rural Interaction
  15. Cultural Experience and Tourism
  16. Smart Resilience to Infectious Diseases and Natural Disaster.

The subjects of the paper are not limited to the above, however, it is requested to stay relevant to the contexts of inclusive smart cities.


April 25th 2022: Abstract submission

April 30th 2022: Notification of abstract acceptance

May 19th and 20th 2022: Conference held

July 31st 2022: Full paper submission


This conference is open for participants from universities, research institutions, government institutions, practitioners, developers, and others concerned about smart cities and urban-rural development. The papers are also expected to come from various countries.


This conference is open for participants from universities, research institutions, government institutions, practitioners, The conference will be conducted online. Participation is, in principle, free. The papers submitted to the secretariat by the deadline will be published in the online proceedings. The author(s) of the respective papers are kindly expected to cover the editing cost. This workshop will be followed subsequently by several workshops in 2022 and 2023. The secretariat will select distinguished papers from the proceedings of the workshops and subsequently, publish a book on “Inclusive Smart Cities in the Post-Covid-19 Arena”, from a well-known international publishing house.


Abstracts should contain a maximum of 300 words, written in English and using MSWord. The abstracts should include title, author(s), affiliation, complete address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

Send your abstracts to: aisc-office[at]


Selected papers submitted after the conference will be published as an online proceedings at the website.

A book on “Inclusive Smart Cities in the Post-Covid-19 Arena” will be published from a well-known international publishing house, which include selected papers from 1st and 2nd conference proceedings, successfully accepted thorough peer review.


Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University

E-mail : aisc-office[at]